MTG Services provides practical and comprehensive consulting services to banks, loan servicers, institutional investors and lenders nationwide.We understand that increased competition and new business requirements necessitate organizations to look for ways to improve operating efficiencies.

MTG Services’ innovative consulting solutions include:

  • RFP Design and Development
  • Process Optimization and Workflow Design
  • Subservicing Oversight and Performance Management
  • Vendor Selection, Management, and Procurement
  • Project Management and Support
  • RFP and Proposal Review

Our approach blends our demonstrated process expertise with optimized consulting tactics to create, and subsequently implement, the most robust solutions for our clients.

MTG Services’ process expertise is paramount to our success.Utilizing leading statistical methodologies to engineer best practices, our consultants ensure our client’s operating processes are built upon the foundation of quality and performance.

Leveraging Six Sigma, TPS and / or Lean process improvement strategies, MTG Services critically evaluates each component of our client’s business, focusing on cost containment and process improvement strategies, that produce best-in-class results.

Our prior expertise successfully integrating traditionally disparate business lines into manageable, cross-functional units, has allowed us to reduce our clients’ expenses while simultaneously enhancing quality and performance.

Unlike traditional consulting companies that charge exorbitant rates and utilize staff with limited experience, MTG Services’ consultants average over 20 years of experience and have demonstrated expertise across multiple asset classes within the financial services sector.

The combination of our expansive experience and dedication to our clients ensures we outperform our clients’ expectations, regardless of the project parameters.

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